Use of Green Concrete as Supplementary Cementitious Material

Use of Green Concrete as Supplementary Cementitious Material

In recent times there has been hype over this so named green concrete. This is major due to several sorts of incentives given by the GOVT for rice husk manufactures and users of green concrete. Most of the incentive comes in the shape tax incentive with credits for the producer and manufactures of the cement. Even the end consumer like developers, architects and constructor are also liable for these sorts of tax incentives.

So, how manufacture this green concrete? One of the common methods of making your concrete material green is by utilizing industrial by item as supplementary cementitious stuff in your concrete. In India, the conclusion of these waste materials must account for at least 20 percent of the weight of usual ordinary cement.

This is just minimum needs, but how about the sort of material to be utilized. Usually, as per term by-product utilized any material that’s waste form one more sector could be utilized. However, it’s extremely vital to ensure that the inclusion of waste content as a supplementary cementitious item for cement shall not affect the properties of the cement.

Putting this in the brand, there’re just a few sorts of supplementary cementitious material has earned a fine potential to be utilized in cement, and these materials have been utilized successfully for over many decades without affecting the properties of the cement. A few of the usual supplementary cementitious stuff utilized in cement are the Slag (GGBFS), pulverized fuel ash (PFA) and Rice husk ash (RHA).

But will this stuff make your concrete green? The clear answer would be yes, because as per needs by the laws, there was no restriction on types of content, nut only base on the level of replacement. If you’re capable to produce cement with minimum needs utilizing the supplementary cementitious content, then your cement will definitely be considered green.

Hope, the thought of developing the plant greener will motivate us to utilize supplementary cementitious content in producing concrete.

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