Thermal Insulating Covering Compound :

We Provide Highly Durable Covering Compound At Affordable Prices :

We are one of the most reliable and well-known manufacturers of the high-grade thermal insulating and covering compounds. Our products are made of high-quality raw materials. This is the reason why our products contain high insulating power, spread ability, and expandability. Products provided by us spreads quickly and easily to cover the whole surface of the steel. Rice husk has lots of utilities as a covering compound. Therefore, it can reduce the heat loss that takes place due to radiation on the steel surface.
We manufacture our products by using superior quality of materials. We also use waste materials of rice like rice husks in the development of our products. We manufacture our products by keeping all the basic yet important industrial norms in our mind. The Burnt rice husk is one of the most important thermal insulating compounds.It is extremely helpful in maintaining the temperature. By using our products, you can also prevent the temperature from dropping down with the thermal insulating compound of the same.

Benefits of Using Our Burnt RIce Husk As Covering Compound :

Our products are manufactured as per the manufacturing standards of the industry and serves as one of the best thermal insulating compound. You can achieve so many amazing benefits by using them. The following benefits are associated with our thermal insulating compound:
  • One can easily minimize the heat loss occurs due to radiation.
  • Our products protect from the direct contact.
  • Our products offer insulation for a longer period of time.
  • Our products are durable even in the 1600 degree Celsius.
  • One can maintain the fluctuated temperature of the heated steel metal through our products.
  • Our products reduce the unnecessary metal loss and lancing cost.
  • Our products are capable of minimizing the slag formation.
  • Our products are less smoky or fume generated.
  • Our products are eco-friendly. So you can use them and help the nature in maintaining a healthy atmosphere.

BioSil – S (Rice Husk Ash Powder) :

Rick Husk ash powder is the most organic form of silica with very good properties of silica and it is quite cost effective when used in different industries. Percentage of carbon ranges according to requirement of every customer, as well as we customize bulk density also. The material offered for packing also varies for small packing to a large packing. The HDPE bags ranges from 2kgs or at times it may also be 1 ton capacity packing bag.
SiO2 85-90%
Carbon 3-6%
Moisture 1% max
Bulk density 0.3 – 0.4 gm/cc
Particle size < 1 mm

Some of its advantages :

How Synthetic Slag is beneficial in the secondary steelmaking?

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Reasonable.
  • Prevents the cooling of steel.
  • Brings uniformity to the superior quality of steel.
  • Melting point is high.

BioSil – G (Rice Husk Ash Granules) :

The granulated form of rice husk ash is also known as nodules. The size of the granule is approximately 3-8 mm and usually they are spherical in shape so that it could get the free flowing specialty in it. It comes up with the specialty of insulating the covering compound.

Some of the advantages of thermal insulation compound :

  • Does not generates any dust particles.
  • Free flowing granules.
  • Easy to handle.

The specification of our product is as follows :

SiO2 85-90%
Carbon 3-6%
Moisture 1% max
Bulk density 0.6 gm/cc
Particle size 2-6mm

Uses of covering compound :

As far as the covering and thermal insulating compounds are concerned, they used to satisfy 3 basic needs of the steel industries:

Some of its advantages :

  • Absorption of non-metallic inclusions.
  • Prevention of the re-oxidation of the steel by the surroundings.
  • To minimize excess heat loss from the surface.

Why choose us for thermal insulation compound?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as a covering compound. We have a great and rich expertise in handling the emerging needs of covering compounds in the steel industries. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled people. They made our products so powerful and valuable. Easy to expand characteristic of our products help in reducing the additional financial expenses and physical efforts. Lastly, when it comes to covering compound we offer our high-quality products at the competitive market prices.