BioSil-R :

BioSil-R is an amorphous organic micro silica having high specific surface area and high flowability that fills the micro gaps of refractory castables.

The specification of our micro silica is as follows :

SiO2 min. 90%
Al2O3 max. 2%
Carbon max. 2%
Moisture max. 1%
Bulk density 0.6 gm/cc
Particle size < 45 micron
Micro silica is used in refractory castables and precast products to improve their strength at ambient, intermediate and high temperatures. The castable needs less water for casting when BioSil-R is used because of the fact that our micro silica increases the flow characteristics of the castable.
Use of less water produces dense castables with low porosity resulting in high strength and corrosion resistance. BioSil-R is a perfect substitute for the inorganic micro silica or silica fume that is currently being used for similar application. Our product offers a cost effective solution with no compromise on quality.

Apart from refractory castable, our organic micro silica is used for other applications
such as :

  • Ceramic glaze
  • Insulator
  • Water proofing chemicals
  • Oil spilled absorbent
  • Special paints
  • Flame retardants
  • Insecticides & Bio-fertilizers