BioSil-C :

Organic micro silica (BioSil-C) is an amorphous, pozzolanic silica having high specific surface area that penetrates through the micro pores in cement/concrete. By suitable grinding method it is milled to <45 micron size. As a result its reactivity is further enhanced due to its surface area because of its micro fineness.

The specification of our micro silica is as follows :

SiO2 min. 90%
Carbon max. 3%
Bulk density 0.6 gm/cc
Particle size < 45 micron
Blaine’s permeability > 390 m2/kg
Using our product 2 – 5% in cement and concrete increases its strength by 10 – 20%. Apart from strength it reduces the air permeability of the concrete and makes it more suitable for use in bridges, constructions in marine environments, nuclear power plants, etc. Organic micro silica is a perfect substitute for the inorganic micro silica OR silica fume that is being used for similar purposes.

Advantages of using BioSil – C :

  • Cost effective
  • Highly pozzolanic material
  • Increased compressive strength
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Lower water penetration
  • Lower air permeability
  • Decreased porosity