What is Ladle Covering Compound?

What is Ladle Covering Compound?

The Ladle Covering Compounds which is widely applied in foundries and steel systems (plants) to eliminate the loss of heat liquid metal in the ladle. Since the temp of fluid metal is being poured into Moulds / dies / cavities is vital, this Ladle Covering Compounds decrease the temp of fluid metal in the ladle by their exothermic and insulating properties when spread on the peak of fluid metal. There are 2 types of Ladle Covering Compounds which include Expendable Ladle Covering Compounds and the 2nd is Non-Expendable Ladle Covering Compounds.

Expendable Ladle Covering Compound

The expendable Ladle Covering Compounds has general properties of developing attributed to the content by one its elements, SG2; vermiculite backed Ladle Covering Compound. The volumetric expansion of Expendable Ladle Covering Compound which forms a film over the base of the fluid metal and performs as an agent that eliminates the loss of warmth due to the radiation loses. We provide Expendable Ladle Covering Compound at the market leading rates to our respectable customers.

Properties of Expandable Ladle Covering Compounds:

  • Silica: 30 percent +/- 2 percent
  • Alumina: 10 percent +/- 3 percent
  • Calcium Oxide: 12 percent +/- 5 percent
  • Loss on ignition at 900deg C: 20 percent +/- 5 percent

Non-Expandable Ladle Covering Compound

The Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound is generally a granular material (stuff). In the Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound for all casting to be sound, the temp of pouring a range of the fluid (liquid) metal is critical. Once the content is poured into the ladle from the furnace, the metal starts losing its temp. In order to lessen the elimination in temp, we suggest the utilization of Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound. The Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound finds its application in a range of steels systems (units, Plants) and foundries. With managed moisture (< 3 percent), the Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound has a huge application.

Properties of Non Expandable Ladle Covering Compound:

  • Loss on Ignition 15 Percent – 20 Percent
  • Moisture 2 Percent – 3 Percent
  • Color Brown
  • Grain size < 5 mm
  • Alumina 12 Percent + /- 2 Percent
  • Iron (Fe2O3) 5 Percent + /- 3 Percent
  • Calcium oxide (CAO) 6 Percent + /- 2 Percent


  • Dependable metal temperatures in the ladle are improved, offering smoother casting process.
  • Radiation heat losses from the peak surface of the ladle are decreased.
  • The surface of ladle metal can be covered and Ladle service life is increased
  • Extreme efficiency assures cost-effectiveness.

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