What are the expandable heat insulation compounds?

What are the expandable heat insulation compounds?


Expandable heat insulation compounds are utilized covering liquid metal includes non-fluid composition which reacts at the temp of the fluid metal to form a viscous fluid flux layer in touch with the fluid metal while maintaining a non-liquid layer over the liquid layer.

Any of the flux, when used to the surface of fluid metal contained in a tundish covering compound, was found to be insulating and basic in nature, to react at the temp of the fluid steel to form a viscous fluid flux layer in touch with the metal while keeping a term and temp stable simply penetrable non-liquid layer beyond, and were found to be non-contaminating with high respect to metal in terms of carbon or silica, oxygen, and purifying with respect to the compositions capability to eliminate oxide impurities, such as aluminates, alumina, silica and silicates from the fluid steel.

The fluid and non-fluid layers of any of the compositions were also found to be well-matched with respect to the basic refractory content of the tundish linings and hold no or negligible levels of iron oxide, and fluorine, manganese oxide, and all other impurities.

The flux compositions developed a controlled number of CO2 gas to promote material flood and spreading across the outside of the fluid metal and quickly formed a uniform covering layer to offer insulation and difficulty to re-oxidation of the fluid metal


  • Extremely insulating in nature
  • Enhances the property of steel
  • Prevents straight contact of fluid metal to the environment

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