Rice Husk Ash And Its Production

Rice Husk Ash And Its Production

Global Recycling was established in the year 2016. It is an Indian firm having its registered office, manufacturing facility as well as storage facility in Kolkata. Every manufacturing industry or factory has certain wastes that are collected in their facility and our mission is to help find value in such waste and recycle it in an environmental friendly manner. Currently, our focus is on Rice Husk Ash, which has tremendous potential. It is recycled and used as a Micro Silica for different applications in steel, foundry, concrete, refractory, rubber and paint industries. More than 20 million tons of Rice Husk Ash is produced annually in the world which is an environmental threat. We have implemented different ways to process this ash to make it usable in various industries.

Rice husk happens to be the agro industrial by-product which contains high amount of silica in it. When rice husk is put to incineration and the proper way of burning it becomes a pozzolanic material and it can be used as a replacement of cement. Its percentage can go really high at times depending upon the preferences. Rice ash could be obtained with the use of proper techniques of grinding and combustion. These two happens to be the main factors which are responsible for providing the best Rice Ash.
Mixing the rice ash with concrete and mortar mixture results in a higher strength of the product. It could be possible due to the presence of pozzolanic and filler with the effect of rice ash in mortar mix and concrete. It is only possible to maintain the ultimate strength with the combination of mortar and concrete with rice ash which will be up to 30% to the replacement of cement.

Production of Rice Ash through Incineration Furnace:

There are different forms of incineration processes which have been discussed in some of the published forms of journals. Here we will discuss some of the highly useful incineration processes. To produce rice ash, a unique fibrocement furnace is designed to make the processing much easier. In this processing the raw rice husk is kept in the incineration furnace and which burning it helps controlling and managing the temperature. Right after incineration it is kept for 24 hours and then it was used as a great agent for cementing material. It is then incorporated with forty mild steel rods which is of 10 mm diameter and around 500 mm in length and it is placed in the rotating drum rather than the ball mill. This process is applied in many of the construction industries. The furnace for the same has the capacity of around 60 kg of raw rice husks.
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