Advantages of TUNDISH covering compound

Advantages of TUNDISH covering compound

The TUNDISH covering compound used in TUNDISH, these TUNDISH covering compounds are highly insulating powder, which is extremely fine expandability as well as spread ability so that it expands with spreads rapidly to cove complete molten steel base in the TUNDISH. It is extremely insulating in nature significantly eliminating heat loss due to the radiation from the peak surface of fluid steel. These outcomes in maintaining a steady temp in this and stop temp reduce and freezing of metal in the longer period casting.

It also performs a further task of holding the ladle clean earlier than lancing procedure, therefore, avoiding further slag formation and stopping excess nozzle jamming. This extremely decreases the lancing cost and eliminates metal wastage offering an added benefit over the other Ladle Covering Compounds with top quality output.

Many of diff sorts of TUNDISH covering compounds are used as per diff fields need. Caster timings, amount of insulation, logistic timing, and place to be covered. As per the need, as well as specification below, are the types of TUNDISH covering compound applied in the steel sector: 

  1. Purex-201A
  2. Purex-301
  3. Purex-501

TUNDISH covering compound:

  1. Purex-101A
  2. Purex-101B


Temp control of the steel is very important in constant casting, mainly over long casting times. This should be conducted as-close-as possible to make sure minimum segregation. To decrease the need to cast with lofty superheat, it’s essential to have an able TUNDISH insulating cover. The application of powders minimizes heat loss from the TUNDISH.

Advantages of TUNDISH covering compound:

  • Prevents straight contact of fluid steel to the atmosphere
  • Reduces loss of heat due to radiation
  • Reduces slag formation and remains Ladle Clean
  • Gives insulation for the longer period duration at temperatures even more than 1600 D Celsius
  • Extremely effective in high capability Ladles of more than 100 MT
  • Maintains reliable temp of burning metal in the ladle
  • Non acidic character helps in keeping the healthy working atmosphere
  • Decreased smoke helps in obvious visibility for logistics of ladle, therefore, reducing logistical delays
  • Decreases cost of lancing and metal loss

This is an insulation compound item which is a great quality of this compound is environment friendly as well as flux is overcome the issue of reducing and miss run in complete eliminate covering compound are broadly applied in the steel sector. Achievement fair flux is holding progressive field as linked to the metallurgical sector in the metallurgical city.

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